We specialize in pasture raised chickens, turkey, goats and chicken eggs.



Chicken & Eggs

 Organic fed pasture raised chicken. Our Red Ranger chickens are supplemented with organic feed. This breed is more of a heritage breed and converts the pasture more efficiently.


Our chickens are free to spend their days roaming on fresh green pastures out in the sunshine. Never confined to small cages, they can peck, scratch, flap their wings and run to their hearts content! This stress-free environment, paired with a diet rich in sweet grass, seeds and insects, makes for some of the happiest and healthiest birds possible. 


We are excited to offer our pasture-raised turkeys this holiday season! Raised right alongside our chickens, these turkeys are out on lush green pastures, every single day. Heritage breed turkeys take significantly longer to raise than their conventionally grain-fed counterparts but the wait is well worth it. 



Goats are natural browsers and pastured animals.  This means they like to eat with their heads up, often reaching as high as they can for leaves and twigs.  They also enjoy foraging on our lush green pastures and nibbling the grass down before the chickens migrate over.  The goats love eating the grasses, vines and seedlings that the chickens don’t prefer.