We have been perfecting our skills, yes...there has been lots of trial and error, and learning the ropes, true....we have wanted to use the ropes on each other at times, for three years.  Now we are ready to take that leap of faith and offer our options to the public! 

We specialize in pasture raised chickenschicken eggs, and goats. The farm is owned by Brian and Mandy, yet it is ran by the entire family.  Lainey (13 years old) manages the chicken eggs and Dalton (11 years old), Camden (9 years old) and Ellie (6 years old) help manage the meat chickens and meat goats.  Although, as with any farming operation everyone co-mingles when there is a big job that needs to be done or help is needed.   It is important that the farm is ran by the family to ensure that the products are humanely handled, animal husbandry procedures are followed and the pastures are being grazed in the most ecological manner possible.  All of the products we sell are raised by us and the flavor is exceptional!